Once I was beautiful. Now I am myself,
Counting this row and that row of moccasins
Waiting on the silent shelf --Anne Sexton

Anonymous said: What was the "pink underwear incident" that Flynn, Belle, and Kristoff had?


Right here. ^-^


The fault in our stars

When someone tells me “oh I loved the fault in our stars”

I reply with “nerd fighters?” and make the nerd fighter symbol with my arms.

And in return I receive blank stares….

And then tell myself “keep your head down and your eyes on the floor no one here understands”


A comicfanmade trailer. Enjoy :)


A comicfanmade trailer. Enjoy :)

My theory on The Mother’s name…



I personally think/hope that The Mother’s name will be 'Rose'

Hear me out;

1. It stays along the line of the female character’s names being ‘nature based’ (Lily, Robin)

2. She sung ‘La Vie en Rose' at the end of 9x16

3. The Mother is wearing a sweater with a rose on it in 9x16 when Ted is in the wrong lecture classroom

4. Roses symbolise love

5. Let’s face it; Rose Mosby sounds awesome.


omg yes i love it

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too soon.

I hope he sees this

Make John Green find the thing.

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what a beautiful person

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